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Terms & Conditions

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Terms of Use

Acceptance of Terms of Use

Usage of this website is subject to the approval of these Terms of Use and our Privacy Security Statement. By continuing to access this website, whether you register as a member or not, you will be considered to have acknowledged these Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy. At any time, we can alter these Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy. If we do, the website will be posted with an amended version of the Terms of Use and Privacy Statement You are responsible for ensuring you check the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy on a daily basis. If you are a member of the website and there are substantial improvements to the Terms of Use and the Privacy Statement, we will use our best efforts to alert you specifically of the changes using the contact details you have given.

You cannot use this website if you do not comply with these Terms of Use.


For any content or material you enter on your page and for any contact with other users, you alone are liable. The Organization is not the publisher and only provides participants with a channel for the publishing and/or dissemination of their personal information.

The Organization takes no responsibility for the dissemination of any member’s material, even photographs uploaded by members.

Although it is for the Member to decide about the material which the Member wants to make accessible to other Members or other Internet users, the Organization retains the right to exert editorial discretion over the content of profiles and photographs.

The Organization shall not check that all material reported by members is correct or valid. In dealing with other members, be patient.

This covers material containing inappropriate words, openly sexually explicit content, illegal, malicious, slanderous, violent, disruptive, intolerant, racially offensive, vulgar or harassing. You should not post offensive content. In addition, you should not publish material encouraging conduct that may constitute a criminal offence, result in civil liability or otherwise breach any relevant local, state, national or international law or legislation.

PHOTOGRAPHS: Online PROFILE – You cannot upload inappropriate photos, or photos that you only render available to your favourites, on your publicly viewable profile. The terms and conditions specified on the photo upload page are often subject to photographic material that is publicly viewable.

Photographs: Private Images – No illegal, inflammatory or grossly obscene material may be included in the content of your private photos. It will be at the sole discretion of the Company to delete content if so deemed. The Organization does not promise the suitability of the private photographs of a member, nor can we participate in communications about their suitability.

You must not publish material that relates to child pornography, directly or indirectly, or tries to seek contact with or on behalf of any person under the age of 18.

The Company does not promise that offensive material will be censored or destroyed, although the Company retains the right to edit or erase materials considered offensive by the Company. In subsequent or related situations, the company’s refusal to remove or delete offensive content does not forfeit our right to remove or delete offensive content.

No material containing ads or commercial messages can be released by you. You could not give to other users via the web messages of a commercial nature.

You cannot impersonate any other company or human.

You should not publish any personal contact details in your profile. It includes, but is not limited to, email addresses, phone numbers, contact information for instant messaging (e.g. ICQ numbers, etc.), website URLs, etc. Personal information will be removed.

You cannot request the contact information of other members or reveal in your profile your subscription status.

The Organization retains the right to extract and view information from accounts, including the name and photo(s) of the Member Screen, in promotional material. You allow the company permission to post your profile on all of our affiliate pages by building a profile.

Account and Password Information

The Member shall be exclusively responsible for protecting the privacy of its name and password.

Copyright Content

You should not post copyrighted content to the website. This includes, but is not limited to, pictures, videos and text. If you suspect the copyrighted content has been uploaded to the internet, you are asked to email The Company with full details of the possible breach of copyright, including the Member Username and your contact details.

Harassment and Disagreements

You should not threaten any Member and promise to avoid approaching any other Member who has asked you to stop. If you wish you could ‘hide’ any Participant by choosing the appropriate choice on their profile. ‘Blocked’ Representatives would not be allowed to reach you via the website.

The Organization shall not be embroiled in any conflict between Members and shall not offer any litigation or mediation facilities where a dispute occurs between Members.

You alone are responsible for ensuring that the contact with other Participants is legitimate. The Business warns you that there could be risk of engaging with Members operating on falsehoods or of illegal intent.

The Company cannot monitor what happens between members when they plan to meet in person, so if you experience behaviour that may be considered harmful to other Members, you are asked to notify The Company with full information and we may, if deemed necessary at the sole discretion of The Company, notify, disable or uninstall the offended member’s profile.

Communication to Members

If you can share any information you wish for in the responses and corresponding communications, messages to members who have not previously contacted you may not include email addresses or other contact information. The organization does not review or filter any other message material, but retains the right to delete contact.

You alone are responsible for ensuring that the quality of the message is relevant. In addition, you must ensure that you save all messages that you want to preserve so we cannot restore any messages that you have lost.

Visibility of Material

Member profiles on this platform can also be available (where applicable) on other network pages run by the Organization. This greatly increases the scope of your profile and the likelihood of finding a good match.

If your profile becomes one of the most common profiles on the web, it could be automatically chosen to appear as one of our “Featured Profiles” on the home page of the site. These featured profiles which also appear on pages run by chosen media partners as part of their dating site promotion.

Storage of Material

The Organization takes no responsibility for removing or failing to store your content, including profile information and images.

Privacy of the Member

The Organization shall not publish any personal information given by Members that are not openly posted on the Member’s Profile, including the Member’s name, email address contact details, etc. without the express written permission of the Member. Information shall be released only when it is required or reasonable to comply with applicable laws or in legal jurisdictions where such information is relevant as demanded by the relevant authority.

Membership, Subscriptions and Cancellations

You can register your profile for free and have access to most of the facilities.

Subscription costs are charged for complete access to the app, including but not limited to the right to post messages. Subscription is completely optional and you can remain a free Member for as long as you wish.

The Organization can adjust membership rates, options, terms of renewal or Member Benefits at any time. The Member can cancel his or her membership and/or subscription at any time. Subscription payments are not transferable from one Member’s profile to another.

Automatic renewal transactions may be completed up to 24 hours before the next renewal date of the Member’s subscription. Automatic renewals can also be cancelled at least 48 hours before the next renewal deadline in order to ensure that the cancelation is completed in due time.

The Organization may cancel or terminate the Subscription and/or Membership of any Member who breaches these Terms and Conditions.

Refunds will be made at the discretion of the managers of the Company.

Provision of Service

This service shall be rendered on a “as-is” basis by The Company, without guarantee of any sort, either express or implied, including, without limitation, warranties of title and implied warranties of offer and acceptance and fitness for a specific reason.

Changes to Terms and Conditions           

The Company can change these Terms and Conditions at its own discretion from time to time.



If any clause of these Terms and Conditions is considered null or unenforceable for any reason whatsoever, the remaining provisions shall remain in full force without being affected or invalidated in any manner whatsoever.

Total Arrangement

This Document forms an entire agreement between the Parties relating to the subject matter hereof and supersedes, in its entirety, any and all formal or oral agreements currently in effect between the Parties with respect to that subject matter.

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