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About Our Company

Sebenzisa exists solefully to provide a link between employers and employees to help build a better community.

We provide the employer with the tools to communicate, manage and employ the best possible candidates.  From the ad, to the interview and the employment offer.

For the employee we provide them the capabilities to showcase their skill-sets and opportunity to stay connected should new opportunities arise.

Let’s build better partnerships.

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careerfy_section_heading h_title=”Our Featured Services” h_desc=”A better career is out there. We’ll help you find it. We’re your first step to becoming everything you want to be.”]

  • 1

    Cross Browsers

    Sebenzisa was built to be able to be easily accessed through any device.

  • 2

    Easy Customization

    Easily post your job list or your CV.

  • 3

    Modern Design

    Built on the latest technologies, so that it is accessible and scalable.

  • 4

    Quick Support

    Support available via our bots or our operators.

  • 5

    Permanent Staffing

    Advise if you require personalised rectruitment specialsts to assist if you are too busy to.

  • 6

    Payroll Management

    We also have personalised payroll solutions should you be too busy to handle this.

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